fotoperfil2014Professional Overview
Administration: Academic Director PLGP-BMS & PLP-ESEN & ORFC-BMS
Teaching & Research: OB & HR Professor.
Advisory & Consulting: Madrid Consulting Group DR Partner.
Divulgation Activities:
– Press & Video Clipping

My professional purpose is to help managers to improve their practice of leadership as professor, researcher and consultant. Currently as Management Professor at Barna Management School, where I have served as Academic Director, and at present also working with other international Business Schools delivering seminars. At the same time, I combine my work as management advisor and as researcher appointed in some international networks and research centers.

I received my Ph.D. from Complutense University, a MSc. from Clark University, and a BAJ. from University of Navarra.  My areas of expertise and research include people strategy, leadership, boards & management teams, strategic human resources management and organizational behavior.

Previously I worked at IESE Business School (University of Navarra), Madrid (Spain) where I served over nine years in different research departments and chairs. As business practitioner I was founder-partner of Digital Operators Group, a consulting firm specialized in social networks, community development and new communication channels applied to organizations.